Video: Protistas do 3 tracks for Sala POTQ

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For the seventh installment of their Sala POTQ live video series, the Chilean webzine focused on one of Remezcla’s favorite bands, Protistas. In the past they’ve done some wonderful takeaway style shows (Gepe, Odisea, Reina Morsa, and more), and this one is no exception. The 10-minute patio concert features three Protistas tracks (artists usually only do one), “Máscara Religiosa” from their undoubtable debut Nortinas War, and “Mi pieza” and “Atrapado en el supermercado” from their first EP. The songs weave into each other, so no breaks, no intermissions, just great music. In other news, the band was able to fund their followup LP via Kickstarter, so we can expect more great music in the near future.

Watch Protistas‘ triple take on Sala POTQ’s video series.