Q&A: Andrea Echeverri, Madre Naturaleza (+ MP3)

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Andrea Echeverri, the acclaimed singer of Aterciopelados, recently released a second solo album Dos receiving critical acclaim across the globe. Her earthy style and maternal sympathies jell well with her eco-activism and humanist sensibility. On the new single “Madre Naturaleza” (free download below), we hear the empowering voice and drifting melodies of one of Colombia’s greatest talents. In an exclusive Q&A session with the proud singer-songwriter, we learned a little about her roots and of course the music that has made her, in some privileged circles, a household name.


What can you say has shifted in your production process from the first solo album and Dos?

The main difference is that the first one was produced by Hector Buitrago, and the instruments played by aterciopelados’ members, this one is produced and played by me.

Why record at home?

Because I am a mother, and I preffer to be home.

Are you as spiritual person? How much does music play into your life?

I am a music person, it helps me to survive.

There’s a lot of nature sounds and elements of Colombia in the backdrop of the album, what does Colombia represent to you?

My home, where I was born, what I know, it is my memories, my family, my language, my images, my everyday.

How was it working with family, your daughter, mother and husband on this album? What was the energy like? Was it at all unnerving, challenging or was it as natural and fluid as it came off on the record?

I worked on my own most of the time, playing, learning, having fun, and the people who came to visit sang a little. My daughter used to lay on the floor to draw while I was working, that is how the cover came to be…all fluid….but the best part was that I was so excited, I wanted to keep working, all the time. That had not happened to me in years.

In talking with other musicians I’ve heard them refer to their solo projects as a space to create without the complications and compromise (as beautiful and frustrating as it may be) of working with their main band. Is this the case for you?

In this case I think it has a little of female empowerment (or a lot).

Can we look forward to another solo album?


Who are some artists you would love to one day share the stage with that you haven’t already?

Ben Harper, Jack Jonhson, Jorge Drexler….

What was your first memory or experience with music as a child?

My mother with her acoustic guitar, signing boleros and rancheras.