Q&A: Astro, Neo Tribal & Otherworldly (video + mp3)

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When we first learned about Astro, Santiago de Chile’s electro dream pop sensation, we were smitten. Not only smitten because of the group’s all around electro-rocker allure, charming star looks, and otherworldly music, but smitten because embedded in the band’s name, intergalactic-ness and what not, Astro’s artistic projections show a carefully nuanced and sensitive side to colliding and coexisting worlds, both the connection of human nature, and it’s relation to transcend, in astro realms if you will.

No surprise, the foursome has been a Remezcla fave for a while, making our list to #2 for the Best Latin Songs of 2010, and we can’t expect any less from this effervescent group. Just is, yesterday Andrés, Octavio, and Lego and Zeta Moustache release their first single “Ciervos” (September 1st) off the hotly-anticipated, and upcoming sophomore. Yes, the quartet charms us again with it’s latest which features a reverberated pop synth sounds, syncopated mid-tempo percussive beats, and Andrés Nusser’s usual high pitched vocals with a tad of flamboyance like once described and compared to Juan Son’s. Elapsing in a neo primitive setting, using deer skulls as head pieces similar to Mexico’s pápago and yaqui tribes, and and prancing around with herds, the guys spark imagination to an existence of pristine realities with animals, gods, and humans as equal.

In our interview with lead singer Andrés Nassau, he discloses details about his upcoming album, talks influences, and reflects on the idea behind the band’s latest video. Plus, way below you’ll find the free mp3 for “Ciervos” and video as well.


What can we expect from your upcoming album? How has the sound evolved since your debut Le Disc de Astrou?

The new album represents a lot of how the band is, as well as Astro’s live shows. It’s evident in the percussive sound and the synthesizers. A couple years have passed by since we released Le disc de Astrou, and during that time, our sound and energy as a band has evolved tremendously. I feel this new album portrays and defines really well the moment that the group lives in. It’s a lot more “musical” too, to say it one way or another. It’s definitely more melodic, and the songs have free structures and really special lyrics.

Are there particular bands that influenced your upcoming album?

I imagine they are Deerhunter, Ariel Pink, Yeasayer, and High Places. Not sure if there are directly noticeable, but I feel they did influence.

Are you guys a five-piece band nowadays?

Haha, no no. We’re still four. For the “Ciervos” video, we invited Francoquito Peralta, an Argentinean friend who’s in the band Animales Superforros, which is a really great band! Coquito is our great friend, and we’d like to always have him with us, but that can’t be. That’s why we immortalized him in this video. Besides, he helped us make those falditas.


The truth is we are a herd rather than

a thinking community.


In the “Ciervos” video, are you guys representing some sort of indigenous tribe, or rural community? Where does the idea for the video come from?

The truth is that we are a herd rather than a thinking community. As the lyrics say, with direct relation to the video, we are all in a state of total conection with nature, animals, and the gods, in this island that allows you to treat all dieties with equality, and talk to the animals as if they were one more friend.

So what’s next for Astro?

For now, we are focusing on our upcoming album. It will be released in mid October in digital format and in vinyl in November. Though we do have to rehearse a lot because many of the songs are difficult to play live. We are planning a second music video that’ll be the main single for the album, and well, we hope for the best, and of course, to generate lots of trips and shows elsewhere!


Astro – Ciervos

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