Q&A: Paco Martinez for his solo EP Elogio (+ mp3)

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Cofounder of Rock Juvenil and Neon Walrus, Paco Martinez talks to Remezcla about his debut solo project, self-titled Martinez. His EP preview for Elogio includes an exclusive gif by the acclaimed band photographer Jaime Martinez (yup, another Martinez, best known for his work with Vice and M.I.A.). His gif work makes a delightful accompanied cover art for the preview single “Fast and Beauty” of which you can now download by right clicking below:

The full EP will be available Sept. 27 on rockjuvenil.com


Tell us about your solo project Martinez. What’s it all about and how is it different from your work with Neon Walrus?

Martinez is my last name and subsequently the name of my solo project, where I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Since I’m always working on many projects at the same time, I publish material for Martinez very sporadically, but with the direction things have been taking in the past few months, now’s the time to give it all to this project.

The difference from Neon Walrus is that in this project I’m working with Bufi who is my good friend. We’ve been making music together for almost 7 years and now Alan Santos has joined the band. With three different people, and minds working towards one final project, you never know what will come out. Instead, on a solo project you can have a more global idea, with a final result closer to the image in your head at the end.

What brought you to this new project?

Well when you work with other people you always know that there’s a specific aesthetic or style you’re going to work within. And in the case of Martinez, I’m taking one type of music that I hadn’t played with any other musicians I know. Songs just started to come out and I started to record, mix and do all the production alone. It could be considered a type of study for me.

What is the style or aesthetic of the new EP Elogio?

I don’t know if there’s only one style. My intension is to start from the music that I listen to and admire, and everything else that affects me overtly to create music with my own style.

Elogio is an EP that hits on themes of love on all levels. Mental and corporal densities when you are in love — from stupid little love-talk with your girlfriend to the fights and the jealous, etc. I think inside the typical act of being in love there lies a tremendous amount of fine points and details that sometimes we don’t understand because they’re only physical sensations, and it’s difficult to translate into words. I started putting a frame to these ideas in the studio at the recording time.

Where are you from, where were you born, and how did you come to Rock Juvenil?

I’m from Torreón, Coahuila and I was born on August 9, 1985. I founded Rock Juvenil with Bufi a little less than a year ago.

Who are your influences?

There are tons, but I think the most important influences aren’t musical. Though there are these: Bob Dylan, Bill Frisell, Guns and Roses, Silvestre Revueltas — things very far apart.

How did you enter the music world?

Well my dad is a musician, composer and guitarist, so I’ve always lived inside the music and of music ever since I was born.

Are there any bands you’d like to share the stage with in the future?

A bunch! The Pixies, Animal Collective, James Holden, Damian Rice, Kronos Quartet, among a few others…