Q&A with Solo Dame Indie Pop!

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Solo Dame Indie Pop! is the brainchild of DJ Son (a.k.a. Gabriel Rodriguez) and Post Paint Boy (a.k.a. Eddie Costas). Their mission: bring Latin indie and alternative music to the masses! In its three year existence, Solo Dame Indie Pop! has featured such artists as Balún, Los Punsetes, and Kordan, and its roster keeps growing. On July 14th, they’ll be sharing the stage at Openhouse Gallery with Carla Morrison, Diego Garcia, and new addition to The Spot’s lineup, Rey Pila. (RSVP before we can’t fit you anymore!)  I’d tell you more…but I’ll let them tell you for themselves.

First off, why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?

Eddie: Hey I’m Post Paint Boy

Gabo: Hey, I’m DJ SON.

What inspired you to start Solo Dame Indie Pop?

E: Back in the University days SON and I played in a band together. Oddly enough, even though for the most part we listened to American and British indie rock/ pop our band was mostly heavily influenced by indie bands from Spain and Latin America. SON lived in Spain for a while so when he came back we listened to these Spanish indie pop records that just blew our minds. We were already obsessed with discovering, listening and discussing both new and old music with ourselves and then playing it to our friends so by the time we were both in New York “Solo Dame Indie Pop” became a natural extension of that frame of mind. Sort of the idea of sharing music or in this case specifically “Spanish indie pop” we love with our friends…

G: Our main idea for this was to bring all that music from Latin America and Spain to US ears. We honestly felt that this was music that was as good, and in some cases, in our eyes, better than anything coming-out in the States, so why not have an outlet for it?

How’d you get the party off the ground?

E: it really just sort of happened… SON booked us a show at Don Pedro in Brooklyn… next thing I know I was making artwork and we were building a playlist on our shitty laptops.

G: Hahahaha! What Eddie said.

How would you define “Latin Music”?

E: I’m not sure I feel comfortable defining it. I don’t really think of the music we play at these shows as “Latin Music”. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s really a paradox. Unfortunately they’ve inculcated this idea all over our society that when you read or hear the term “Latin or Latino” you think of Maracas, Trumpets and Tacos. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things… I love tacos and I certainly enjoy maracas and trumpets… but it’s ridiculous and quite offensive to just pigeon hold a very culturally mixed and complex society to just that.

G: I guess I really have no definition for it. Even if, I’m a stickler for genres, it’s hard for me to put into terms what “Latin Music” is. In fact, this might be one of the stereotypes we’re trying to break. Music is music, if it’s made by Latinos, Europeans, Africans, etc., well, that’s really just where they’re from, not what they do.

Is there a need for a place like The Spot?

G: I feel there’s always a need for new spaces, regardless of which they are. If there’s a space where you can showcase new and interesting music, then that space should exist!

What should we be listening to this Summer?

G: Well, this summer, you have a lot of interesting stuff coming-out from Latin-America! From Mexico, you have Danny Shivers, she’s awesome! Also, Las Robertas, from Costa Rica. Los Vigilantes, from Puerto Rico. Algodon Egipcio,who put-out an album with Leftse. These new cats from Venezuela, Domingo en Llamas, are amazing. Man, the list can go on-and-on.

E: Also this band from Puerto Rico, Campo-Formio. They’re amazing live. It’s chaos.

G: We’re also organizing an unofficial showcase for the LAMC (July 8th) with Balun, La Vida BohemeSomething in Spanish and Verdeluna (plug, ;-)).

If you could bring any Latin artist – past, present…future? – to a Solo Dame Indie Pop party, who would it be?

G: Honestly, two names: Los Planetas and/or Jaime Sin Tierra. My two favorite Latino indie-pop bands of all time. That would be an amazing show.

Eddie: I’d love to bring two of my favorites from Spain, Clovis and La Buena Vida.

What’s next for Solo Dame Indie Pop?

G: We have a couple of things in the works, hehe. Keep looking on our Facebook for updates on future events for sure!