Video: Quiero Club – "Cuentos"

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Oh boy! I’ve been curiously waiting for this one. Neon vomit has never looked so… deliciously creamy and texturized. Right? Whether it’s my (and your) newly found appetite for disgorging electropop Mexicans, or an appreciation for realflow milky motion clips over a contagious indie pop beat, Monterey’s quintet Quiero Club once again banged (or gorged?) this one out with reckoning force. Seriously, not all puns are intended.

I totally mean it. That I’ve been waiting for this. A couple of months ago when I asked Marcela Viejo why she hadn’t posted on her weekly column D.Fining yet, she emailed me back, “I was sick from the stomach this morning because I had to drink two liters of dyed milk in which I had to vomit out.” I was like, whoa, that’s badass! They’re as real as it gets.

Watch Quiero Club’s “Cuentos” below from their upcoming junior LP which the band is currently recording, directed by Sebastián Hofmann.

[insert-video youtube=flH3H1DndYY]

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