Free Download: Quiero Club's "Que hacer en caso de oir voces" + 5 Remixes!

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It’s been almost three years since Nueva América, Quiero Club’s claim to fame, and we’ve heard some singles here and there, but we’ve been craving some new Quiero Club meat. We asked. And we received. The band just released their newest single, “Que hacer en caso de oir voces” via Happy-fi Collective and a slew of remixes by fellow Mexis dapuntobeat and Disco Ruido (and NSMPSM, Gravy Indie Union, and César Gudiño).

Some of the remixes are pretty Euro, more down tempo and tint the voices with a more faint, hollow quality. But Gravy Indie Union and César Gudiño’s mixes are almost as buoyant as the original, giving it a mix of sci-fi and beach party cred. And of course, Disco Ruido doesn’t disappoint (synth mania!). The original could easily stand on its own without the quintuplet remix treatment, but we’re glad for this unexpected Quiero Club shower. Let it rain!

Scroll down to download Quiero Club’s “Que hacer en caso de oir voces” and its sister remixes.

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