Attention Producers: Rubí, World’s Most Famous Quinceañera, Is Now Laying Down Tracks

Lead Photo: Photo by Jupiterimages / Stockbyte
Photo by Jupiterimages / Stockbyte
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Remember the world’s most famous quinceañera? Who’s trying to get Rubí Ibarra Gracía a feature?

We’re still not sure how to explain it, although obviously the internet is to blame. As you may recall, last year a ranchero family’s video invitation to their daughter’s quinceañera went viral, generating over a million RSVPs and 20,000 actual attendees. They arrived en masse to young Rubí’s ranchero hometown of La Joya, San Luís Potosí, population just shy of 2,000. The day of the party a man was trampled by his own horse, Rubí was gifted a car, La Joya was trashed, and her family fed everyone mole. End scene.

Only the teen, whose Mexican fans still refer to on a first name basis, is not quite ready to step out of the spotlight. The rumors that Rubí was launching a modeling career turned out to be a false alarm, but she has confirmed that she’s open to acting and singing offers.

Last week she made it clear that it’s not just talk. Ybarra posted a video of herself in a recording studio, explaining that she was in between takes. She doesn’t mention what she’s laying down, or when we can expect to hear it for ourselves, but her Facebook fan page’s near 200k followers may have noticed that it is now labeled Rubí Ibarra Music — baby girl knows about the power of hype.

If you can’t wait for Rubí’s official singing debut, check this sneak peek from back when Telemundo came to La Joya in January to check in on her post party lifestyle. (Apparently people are still driving in from around the country to take selfies with her, so maybe she’s not wrong in thinking that she has enough fan base to support her new career move.) At 2:00 Rubi sings a few bars of Selena’s “No Me Queda Más.”