Free Downloads: Radioboxer – "Bolero" & "Elephant Heart"

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If I ever read bi-polar pop as a sub genre, I’d either be so profusely intrigued, or I’d run away, far and fast as I could cause I may be feeling sensitive, scared and hung over. But it’s Thursday, the big boss is on a business trip, we have a case of Patron and Presidente, and I’m very excited to be reviewing this, um, “psycho” music.

Miami’s power pop bilingual band Radioboxer not only shows a tight and powerful rhythm section with captivating melodies, but the vocals of the frenzied-out frontwoman Reina del Bolero Dazza will take ya on a series of emotional trips.. you’ll be feeling frenetic yet cautious, and you may wanna enter “the wild side” (okay, that’s subjective to whatever you consider “the wild side”). And thanks to Nuria Net, co-founder and former editor of Remezcla, who threw me the most awesome pitch, she says that la Reina (or Vanessa) will “throw beer, wine and whatever she can get her hands on all over her body and hair and then gropes on audience members.” That’s pretty cool. I wanna be groped by her.

So back to the music. The vocals in “Go Home” and “Elephant heart” can also be compared to the likes of Dana Fuchs, and I wanna say, Janis Joplin on that high pitch vibrato. On the other side, “Bolero” is a beautifully crafted tune with flamenco and huapango guitar rhythms, great harmonies, and yah, just hear it and download it below.

We’ll give ya one last tip, if you happen to be in NYC this weekend and wanna hang out, check out their shows at Goodbye Blue Monday and Cafe Wha? See ya there!

Bolero by Radioboxer

Elephant Heart by Radioboxer

Download Radioboxer’s latest album Magic City Ruse below: