Free Download: Rafa Caivano's "Cumbahton" EP (of Frikstailers)

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A few months ago we introduced you to DJ Sandro de America, one of the many side projects of Lisandro Sona, one half of ZZK Record’s Frikstailers. Today we bring you the other half, Rafa Caivano, the skinny dude who couldn’t make it to the latest Frikstailers U.S. tour. He’s also been keeping himself busy with side projects, experimenting with other music genres and releasing this FREE-to-download EP titled Cumbahton.

As you may have already rightfully assumed, Cumbahton is a portmanteau of cumbia and moombahton, that hybrid dance genre so en vogue amongst certain influential bloggers that combines reggaeton’s characteristic beat with midtempo dutch house. Rafa replaced the ubiquitous dem bow with some cumbia villera samples (and plenty of other unexpected ingredients) to coin a new subgenre. Granted, it’s not really that new, many others have done similar mixes already, but it’s definitely a new addition to the Frikstailers repertoire, who in the past have experimented many times with cumbia’s sonic deconstruction, but never in such an obviously housey, four-on-the-floor, dancefloor-oriented style.

Download Rafa Caivano’s hybrid mix, Cumbahton below.