Free Download: Chilean Ramones Cover by Lili Champ + Others

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I’m becoming way more comfortable with my awkward taste in music. I’m glad that after all the years of searching the globe, I’m finally starting to find music that sounds like what I should’ve been turned onto as a wayward youth. Basically, if I’d found Lili Champ as a kid, I’d have saved myself a whole lot of identity crisis induced headaches over the years. This Chilean happy-punk core trio is on par with Venezuela’s La Vida Bohème, but keeps it simple, with a very Barbara & Los Rotos del Rock feel for hardcore mayhem. If Buzzcuts, The Clash or the Screeching Weasel were from Santiago, Chile they’d perhaps be like Lili Champ in their beginnings.

Enjoy a FREE download of their bilingual 2011 album, Vientos by clicking HERE, and the fresher update on their tributary cover of the Ramones classic  “I Won’t Let it Happen” in Spanish, by clicking below:

The single was recently included in a 2 CD special tribute album of Ramones tracks, also up for grabs via Ramone to the Bone…They’re Alive! below. It doesn’t get any better than this.