Ratking Welcomes the New School of New York Hip Hop in "So It Goes" Video

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Ratking sounds like the name of a villain from an ’80s cartoon. Actually, it may have been a dude from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This isn’t that Ratking though. This Ratking is a hip-hop group from Manhattan comprised of Wiki (whose missing teeth are as much a trademark as his rapping style), Hak, and Sporting Life, a trio whose debut LP has been credited as redefining New York hip-hop by a number of critics.

“So It Goes” is the title track of said LP, released earlier this year, and also the group’s latest video. The trio perform the track in a dimly-lit abandoned building in front of a wall of old televisions that display a number of vintage clips of New York. The metaphor certainly fits: the new school of NY hip-hop backed by recollections/images of old New York.

[insert-video youtube=Yzdb4gEaF6E]