RBD Tickets Are On Sale – The Internet is Losing It

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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RBD’s reunion is, without a doubt, the hottest ticket to get right now. Fans everywhere are navigating presale codes, verified fan codes, and on top of it all – massive waiting times. If you’re experiencing any of the above – you’re not alone. 

It’s no surprise since this marks the iconic pop group’s comeback since their last live concert in December 2008. But were RBD enthusiasts ready for the mega waitlist, wait line, and unique presale codes that left many confused about the process? 

Fans across all social media platforms are expressing their thoughts about ticket sales. A Twitter user said: “I have hella RBD presale codes, yet I can’t get into the system because of being waitlisted on verified fan. Why @TMFanSupport@Ticketmaster?! I’ve purchased so many tickets through TM & VF is stopping me from getting some for @RBD_oficial.”

Even Remezcla’s Social Media Manager, Alma Sacasa, experienced difficulties. She was in line for two completely different dates and still had a long virtual queue in front of her. “You know you’re a true RBD fan if you had two tabs open for two dates in NY and were in the 2,000+ for both,” Alma said. “Que estrés! Pero estoy lista to cantar todo this AUGUST.” Another social media user echoed the same sentiment. They wrote: “Secured RBD tickets 😭! 2 things tho 1. F—k you @Ticketmaster for all the stress you caused me and 2. Those tickets were expensive 😅.” 

Others are posting on social media reasons why they’re worthy of concert tickets. A Twitter user said: “My sisters and I were real fans of RBD we DESERVE THOSE TICKETS BRO LOOK AT US WE COVERED OUR BUNK BED BED FRAMES IN TEMPORARY TATTOOS FROM THOSE NASTY ASS PINK GUMS AND COLLECTED STICKERS LIKE DRUGS GIVE US FLOOR SEATS NOW.”

And the lucky ones are, of course, celebrating.

Needless to say, it’s an emotional rollercoaster for Rebelde fans right now. On top of it all, the “Solo Quédate En Silencio” singers are adding new tour dates that weren’t on our calendars last week. They just confirmed a third date for Los Angeles, CA, on October 22 and a second date for São Paulo​, Brazil. Good luck, y’all!