World’s Largest Spanish-Language Freestyle Rap Battle Starts with 36 U.S. Competitors

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Red Bull Batalla.
Courtesy of Red Bull Batalla.
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It’s time to flex some improvised lyrics and insults on the hip-hop battlefield. Red Bull Batalla, the world’s largest Spanish freestyle rap battle, takes place on Thursday, August 12 at 7 p.m. EST. The U.S. competition, referred to as “Twitch Battles,” is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. And it can be streamed on the Red Bull Batalla Twitch channel.

Thirty-six rappers from the U.S. have been invited to compete in the bracket-style battle event. During the qualifier phase, the hip-hop artists will compete one-on-one from the cities of Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Of the 36 contestants, 13 will advance to the U.S. Finals on September 18. There, three returning finalists from 2020 will join them to vie for the U.S. Red Bull Batalla Championship. The winner of the US Finals will then compete in the World Finals on December 11-12.

Artist and media personality Muphasa will host the live Twitch event. Judges for this year’s event include former Batalla competitors Tito Yang, Kim MC, and rapper El B. Each MC will be evaluated on their individual freestyle ability. And they will be joined by Red Bull Batalla veterans like Miami’s OG Frases and Los Angeles’ Boss and Chester. The city with the most contestants is Miami, with nine. Four rappers represent Puerto Rico. Orlando has three.

Below is the complete list of the 36 contestants participating in the upcoming rap battles on August 12. For more information on Red Bull Batalla, visit their website at

  • Adonys: New York, NY IG: @adonys_ys
  • Animal: Miami, FL IG: @animalFL
  • Boss: Los Angeles, CA IG: @bossmtc
  • Chester: San Diego, CA IG: @clapchester
  • Cuban: McAllen, TX IG:
  • Eckonn: Orlando, FL IG: @eckonn
  • El Poeta: Phoenix, AZ IG: @pots.poeta
  • Faby: Lewisville, TX IG: @faby.mg01
  • Freites: Orlando, FL IG: @freites_hc
  • G.I.O.: Houston, TX IG: @gio.vsc
  • Heavy Bars: Miami, FL IG: @heavybarsoficial
  • J Luna: Las Cruces, NM IG: IG: @jluna.nm
  • Jahn Alenó: Ponce, PR IG: @jahnaleno
  • JAYCO: Yonkers, NY IG: @yosoyjco_official 
  • Kcique: Miami, FL IG: @kcique24
  • Klaze: Miami, FL IG: @klaze_sr
  • Levi Kun: Miami, FL IG: @levikunnn_
  • LinkOne: Puerto Rico IG: @link_one
  • Luis Alenó: Ponce, PR IG: @luisaleno
  • Magimbri: San Antonio, TX IG: @juanpablort27
  • Maluque: Oxnard, CA IG: @lemaluque
  • MAU: West New York, NY IG: @Mau_d1az
  • McBetho: Irving, TX IG: @mcbethomx
  • Nico B: Miami, FL IG: @nicob.bka
  • OG Frases: Miami, FL IG: @ogfrases
  • OneR: Tamarac, FL IG: @onerodriguez
  • Pazy: Miami, FL IG: @pazyy
  • Pharaon: Las Vegas, NV IG: @pharaon_lv
  • Pich1to: Miami, FL IG: @pich1to
  • PIWIE: Puerto Rico IG: @diegopiwinskii
  • Reverse: Orlando, FL IG: @reverse_mc7
  • RuRa: Las Vegas IG:
  • Snow: Denver, CO IG: @snowqlq_
  • Stu: Los Angeles, CA IG: @stu.mentendes
  • Zazo Wan: Dallas, TX IG: @kush.hashman
  • Zeu: North Bergen, NJ IG: @eduzeu