Remembering Chavela Vargas

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Last night was a big WIN for females at Carnegie Hall. Peru’s Tania Libertad, Mexico’s Ely Guerra and Eugenia León performed a tribute to the late singer Chavela Vargas. While photos were not permitted, a some intrepid Instagrammers snuck a few shots, which you can see above.

“I hope you enjoy my very, very, Mexican intensity” said Guerra when she introduced herself onstage.  There were very few moments throughout the show that weren’t “parapelos.” IE: Tania Libertad waking up everyone’s ears with her high notes, or Ely Guerra‘s contracting and releasing her raspy, powerful voice.

Last came Eugenia León, who turned around to the (very small, by the way?) picture of Chavela projected on the stage, saying “Cuanta falta nos haces Chavelita!” The three came together at the end to perform a couple of songs to wrap up the show, the last one being “En El Ultimo Trago.” The three of them kept smiling with the audience’s chants of “Viva Mexico!”

I was sitting next to Remezcla’s copper-haired creative director from Monterrey, Katro, and we both discreetly may or may not have teared up. From the people lifting their imaginary tequila bottles and singing from the balconies at Carnegie Hall, to the cutest senior-citizen couple cuddling in front of us, I could tell that everyone was feeling “that Mexican intensity.”

A note for our LA readers, catch these three amazing singers pay tribute to Chavela on December 5th.