Join Club Etiquette Zine and IMAABS For a Forum on Intersectional Nightlife & a Zine-Making Workshop

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They say the personal is political. For NAAFI‘s Imaabs, so is the party – the Chilean beatmaker has long been vocal about the sociopolitical implications of the dance floor. After all, it’s easy to turn a safe space into an oppressive one if we’re careless about our nightlife behavior. That’s why Remezcla is teaming up with zine collective Club Etiquette and Imaabs to host a talk and zine-making workshop on Wednesday night in our Brooklyn office. Anyone looking to be a positive force within their scene is welcome to join.

Anuradha Golder is the mastermind behind Club Etiquette, which she created to diffuse the macro and micro aggressions that can ruin a good rave. “This zine aims to preserve the sense of community and devotion to music these sacred spaces hold,” she wrote in the intro to the debut volume. (All the zine’s editions are available for free online.)

Club Etiquette has printed guides in English and Spanish to avoiding predatory club behavior, examining your nightlife privilege, healthy NYC spots to eat after the lights come up, pacing your drugs and how to be a nightlife couple. Some of it’s basic, some of it’s not — like Club Etiquette’s caution against reinforcing DJ flyer hierarchies. Hi, promoters!

Deep-thinking electronic beatmaker Imaabs turned in an essay on the power that syncopated rhythm has to blow up capitalism for the zine’s latest volume. At Wednesday’s event he’ll be talking about intersectional club politics and a project he recently got funding for from the Chilean government. A zine-making workshop will follow, so you can start spreading the anti-oppression gospel to your own rave crew – click the flyer below for more info and to RSVP.