Remezcla Editor Isabela Raygoza talks confidence with Think Like a Label

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Remezcla Music editor Isabela Raygoza was recently featured in an interview with the blog Think Like a Label, “A magazine for musicians & their people.” The interview carries the rather spot-on title ‘“Always have confidence in what you do” – Interview with Isabela Raygoza of Remezcla.’ The interviewer describes Isabela as “hero, […] a trusted colleague and friend.” This is all enough to make a lesser person’s head swell, but Isa, now back in the office from SXSW, shows no signs of being anything but still cool.

Do you think music journalism was revived by the digital age and blogs?

Most def! There are zillions of ways to obtain music pieces where they automatically come to you now. We hardly have to seek deep, unless we’re doing research. They come via news feeds from social media networks, google reader subscriptions, newsletters, etc. Many will say that it’s now more relevant via online than print. There’re debates about that. Though, there’s nothing like holding a nice, glossy magazine. I love receiving magazine subscriptions via mail, it’s def a treat, and reading them is leisure. Whereas online blogs, I see them/read them like it’s my duty. Information comes so immediately now.


Is it difficult to be a female music industry professional?

I don’t let sex, gender, ethnicity, race, body mod, tattoos, dreads, or how I dress get in the way of what I do. Ok, the road wasn’t always easy, and once in a while, one’s bound to run into a few discriminatory assholes. If and when so, I don’t let that affect me and continue to act professionally, if that’s what it is. The important thing is to always have confidence in what you do, and knowing how to voice what needs to be taken care of. I can’t stress that enough.

Read the whole interview here. If Isabela’s humility fails her in light of all this attention, we’ll be sure to let you know. We’re not worried.