Remezcla Exclusive Video: Soñé otro mundo con Manu Chao

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Going to a Manu Chao show is like visiting all the corners of a map — minus politics, minus social conflicts, minus borders. One can easily encounter people from all over the world at his gigs, and even residing in a racially New York City, it’s still unlikely to pack people from each nationality at a 3,000 capacity venue.

On Sept. 4, at Terminal 5, world flags flew high, banners with peace statements, and of course, those that say “Legalize It” surrounded by clouds of smoke smelling like an “illegal” substance.

But truth be told, Manu Chao does creates some of the most astounding music on the face of this planet. Recording his solo debut Clandestino on an eight-track recorder and his acoustic guitar, Manu amalgamates some punk rock, Latin folklore, Arab melodies, and reggae in a delightfully 3 min average tune. This night, the singer-songwriter who’s often compared to Marly, brought such candor, singing at a grassroots level to a global audience.

Soñé otro mundo con Manu Chao. Like a true troubadour, Manu’s songs helped me realized that another world is possible (since those troubled adolescent days about a decade ago, yet I’m sure I speak for many fans out there), a world without militaristic borders, political oppression, and passports. To move freely beyond any continent, to detest capitalistic corruption, to always express your innermost thoughts about world views though any medium and artistically, and to understand that art and music really unifies all.

This video was shot by Pablo Barrera. Get a glimpse, with raw audio, of what many of you missed because the two day concert was sold out months in advance. It’s pretty intense. It’s starts off with a punk ska tempo of “La Primavera” then mellows out with “Bienvenido a Tijuana.” Manu Chao and Radio Bemba, La Ventura 2011 Tour!

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