Remezcla & Peligrosa Unite to Rock the Hell outta Austin for SXSW

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Remezcla and Peligrosa team up for a second time in a row for five consecutive nights of mad parties, porque nos vale madre…. We recently went through a tug a war with the bureaucratic powers of SXSW who tried to stop us, but we unstoppable, yo. I won’t get too into it, but we’re like doing this ghetto style. Sooo, if you happen to be in Austin, be sure you’ll have a good time with us led by Peligrosa‘s founder and mad talented DJ Orion. A huevo! Yeah, we mad. And guess what!? It’s all FREE. You don’t need a fancy badge cause everyone’s welcome! We don’t discriminate.

There’s also a six day music fest happening simultaneously, so if you’re there partying it up at some of the many showcases, be sure to also stop by ours, if you dare. You’ll dig. Enough blabbing and on to the deets below:

Wednesday March 14th – Friday March 16th. Night @ Chupacabra 10pm-2am

Wednesday: Le Doom | Hypeheadz | Mobbin No Sobbin | tink and Lou | whizKIDZ | Bersa Disco Djs | King Louie | A-Mac
Thursday: Joaquin Bartra | Dj Theory | Brent Tactic | Walmer Convenience | Cedaa | Bren & Stimpy | Uzi Bazooka | Kusk Arora | Los Manes Del Futuro
Friday: Lamin Fofama | Zyco | J-tack | Lusher | Diabluma Crew | DJ Soulja-Man | Opium Kotex | Senor Sabor | Body Igh

Friday Day March 16th @ Jovitas Noon-5pm

Inside: SUÉNALO (Miami, FL) – Noon | Bang Data – 1:00pm | Ritmo Machine – 3:00pm | Zuzuka Poderosa – 3:00pm | Los Rakas – 4:00pm

Outside: Quantic | Uproot Andy | Johnny Love | Sabo | Peligrosa

Saturday March 17th @ Volstead Lounge 7pm-2am

Hosted By: Chingo Bling. Performances by: MXPK | Trouble & Bass| Dutty Artz | Que Bajo | Peligrosa | ROFLBOYS | DJ Theory | Guapo Feo aka Barney Iller | Massacooramaan | Expendible Youth

Sunday March 18th @ Volstead Lounge 1pm-2am

A Super Special Secret Guestsss | HIVIP | A-Mac | Rusty Lazer | Massacooramaan | Dave Luxe | Double Trouble | Dj Digg | Peligrosa | El Dusty X Sonora