Remezcla Plays "Would You Rather" With a Whole Bunch of Musicians [VIDEO]

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If you’ve ever seen Ricky Gervais’ Extras then you remember Maggie’s bizarre “Would you rather…” questions. “Would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?” “Would you rather be a penguin who’s a bird but can’t fly or a flying fish that’s a fish that can fly a bit?” (This last one still baffles me).

Then again, if you’ve ever been 15 then you know what “Would you rather…” is without the help of HBO. Either way, we at Remezcla decided it might be fun to throw some light-hearted curveballs at the Vive Latino artists. Usually at these things you get a lot of “so how is this album different from your last?” and “how did you get started with music?” blah blah blah questions. Snor. We wanted to give them a break from the promo posturing to allow them to confront the tough questions:

1. Would you rather go back in time and hang out with dinosaurs or visit the future?
2. Would you rather visit deep sea or deep space?
3. Would you rather have 80% of the world’s languages and be able to communicate with 80% of humanity or be able to communicate with all non-human animals?
4. Would you rather have your own face and body but the brain of a chimpanzee or the face and body of a chimpanzee but your own brain? (This one’s courtesy of Extras)
5. Would you rather live without music or live without sex?

Some things we learned: Steven Spielberg ruined dinosaurs for everyone. And people get testy when the existence of sex is threatened.

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