Replay: Arboles Libres, Enjambre

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It’s time for our weekly installment of reviews that bring you the real deal on what’s going on in the music scene…We are the harshest of judges yet fair as our critical ears distinguish the potential hits from those destined to flop.

So sit back, put off whatever you have to do, and read on to what we have to say about: Arboles Libres, Johnny Spanish, Enjambre, and DJ Carol C with our Remezcla Replay.


Ok, so just for the record, Arboles Libres‘ MySpaces features some killer artwork. Their songs, however, vary. Their more uptempo tracks aren’t as good as their slower ones. To give credit where it is due: within a short year, they’ve emerged from a group of friends jamming (Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Londono, Eddie Moreno, Anthony Genovese)  into a pretty sweet band working on creating their first album.

“Para Ti” is by far their best song by far, however there isn’t any mention of the female vocalist who makes the song what it is.

Jatnna says: “I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy their CD but it is definitely listenable.”

The Remezcla Survey says: Overall, the band is a diamond in the rough.  Interesting to see how they grow and develop.

RATING: 3.5 stars


In case you haven’t heard, Johnny Spanish is a rapper from Kentucky. But don’t be so quick to judge!  He sounds very similar to Outkast and cites Talib Kweli and Common as his influences. However, his lyrics aren’t as insightful as his idols and his tracks aren’t catchy enough to be major hits. Props for the collaboration with Rye Rye (M.I.A.‘s protégé.)

David says: “It sounds like something you would listen to on a road trip and wouldn’t get sick of, which is good, I guess.”

The Remezcla survey says: Interesting but most definitely forgettable. And despite his name, he’s a poser.



If you’ve never heard of Enjambre, let us paint a picture for you. They’re a cross between Cafe Tacvba and Radiohead with a splash of Porter…In progress.  Best song: “Nectar.”

Ana says: “I would only go to their concert if it cost under $20 but wouldn’t pay more to see them perform.”

The Remezcla survey says: Overall, they’re a band to look out for in the future but still needs some work.



Of this session, this artist was our favorite. the lead singer of Si*Se is more on the mellow side with a tinge of electro-funk, enough to keep you in the party mood. One of the best tunes: “Bedroom Sets.”

Krystle says: ” I would probably listen to this while getting ready for a party.”

The Remezcla Survey Says: Great to listen and lounge.