Replay: Latin Grammys Edition

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Over here at the Remezcla Headquarterz, we’re always listening to music and we get a lot of shit in the mail (yes, real CD’s still exist! and labels FedEx them!) Knowing how selfish it would be to keep this secret stash of music wisdom to ourselves, we’ve decided to update you on music that is killing it and worth checking out, as well as warn you, our loyal readers, about the beats that are killing us (and the reputation of Latin music everywhere).

So sit back, put off whatever you have to do, and read on to what we have to say about the Latin Grammys New Artist nominees: Chocquibtown, Alexander Acha, Claudio Corsi, India Martinez and Luz Rios with our Remezcla Replay.


This trio from the Colombian Pacific coast is going for the gold with their album Oro, an album fit for urban-street dancing and parties. They wowed the crowds at SXSW earlier this year and just finished a tour of Europe and India.

David says: “Their melodies combine sounds of reggae, hip-hop, afro beats and salsa, so it’s very hard not to tap your feet or bob your head when you listen.”

The Remezcla survey says: They are slightly similar to Bomba Estereo, but more of a toned-down version. They have a really urban feel, but without sounding violent or offensive.

RATING: 3.5 stars


Son of Mexican pop star Emmanuel, Acha (where does that name come from?) is trying to follow his dad’s footsteps with his guitar-fueled love ballads.

Alex says: “I would never put this on my iPod, but with songs like “Soy un Huracan” and “Ay Ay Ay” combined with his good looks, he’s driving all the iTunes cougars mad. They gave him 4.5 stars!?!”

The Remezcla survey says: The songs are really cheesy, and his Dad had a whole lot more attitude than him.

RATING: 0.5 stars (because of his Dad)

Venezuelan singer-songwriter Claudio Corsi creates melodies perfect for a day outdoors, full of happy thoughts and sunshine.

Ana says: The album isn’t terrible, but nothing was memorable to me.

The Remezcla survey says: “I could see a girl listening to this on a sunny day. Some of his songs are perfect for a movie soundtrack. Or at least the credits…”

RATING: 2 stars


Spanish singer India Martinez combines elements of Spain and the Middle East in her eclectic songs.

Eddy says: “While she is quite a talented musician, she tends to get a little too showy with her vocals at times, especially in the track “Solo Tu.””

The Remezcla survey says: “This music is parent status right here.”

RATING: 1.5 stars


Luz Rios is a Mexican pop singer-songwriter, who claims fame to numerous awards and Billboard hits in Mexico.

Alyssa says: “Not someone I would listen to on a regular basis, but she definitely has talent and credentials.”

Remezcla survey says:

Wow, she looks a lot younger than she sounds!

RATING: 3 stars

We are divided. It could go two ways, and we say either CQT (talent) or Alexander Acha (pop star in the works). It’s way up in the air.