Replay: Quiero Club, Cucu Diamantes

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Over here at the Remezcla Headquarterz, we’re always listening to music and we get a lot of shit in the mail (yes, real CD’s stille exist! and labels FedEx them!) Knowing how selfish it would be to keep this secret stash of music wisdom to ourselves, we’ve decided to update you on music that is killing it and worth checking out, as well as warn you, our loyal readers, about the beats that are killing us (and the reputation of Latin music everywhere).

So sit back, put off whatever you have to do, and read on to what we have to say about Quiero Club, Gustavo Galindo, Cucu Diamantes and Amandititita with our Remezcla Replay.


While everyone in Mexico saw them blow up with their single “No Coke” back in 2006, Quiero Club has defined their sound and look, just in time for the US release of their album Nueva America (Nacional Records) on November 3rd.

Katro says: “The album is very upbeat like their first, but shows an evident evolution. These five talented members from Monterrey bring us a refreshing, different and original sound. Perfect for dancing all night long.”

The Remezcla survey says: Album highlights: “La Muerte de Ziggy”, “Guam” and F”in de Semana Sin Fin.” Quite impressive because all five members (2 girls, 3 guys) sing!

RATING: 3.5  stars


Gustavo Galindo is spreading buzz before his new album drops next Spring, which happens to be produced by mastermind producer Gustavo Santaolalla (Molotov, Cafe Tacvba, Juanes, Julieta… frontman of Bajofondo and Oscar winner for The Motorcycle Diaries and Brokeback Mountain.

Alex says: “Gustavo knows Gustavo is good. As for the rest of us…”

The Remezcla survey says: No set image seems to be established with this artist, but there’s definitely something to work with. The song “Amor de Alta Mar” is instantly appealing, sweet and an easy listen.

RATING: 2.5 stars (for future potential)


La cubana CuCu Diamantes rose to fame with Yerba Buena, but has enough spice to stand successful on her own with her debut album Cuculand, which is nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Alyssa says: “As I listened, I wondered what Diamantes meant by CuCuLand. After listening to “Alguien,” I got the jist when CuCu goes off the charts with insanely fast/semi-rap lyrics. CuCu is definitely cookoo, but in the best way possible.”

The Remezcla survey says:  She incorporates a lot of Cuban sounds, and her style is very vintage mixed with downtown NYC. She’s also really funny, seeing as she throws in jokes between tracks on the record.

RATING: 4 stars


Amandititita comes in a short little package, but packs a punch with her witty dance beats.

Alex y Katro say: “While many of our friends love her, the songs can get a little too repetitive and somewhat annoying. The lyrics, however, are hilarious.”

The Remezcla survey says: Even for people who speak Spanish, her name is difficult to pronounce at times, and even more difficult to type out. She is one of the few artists who are successful with cumbia music right now, which is really great.

RATING: 3 stars