Residente Arrested at Puerto Rico Airport for Assault

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Residente.
Courtesy of Residente.
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Calle 13 founder Residente was arrested Monday afternoon at Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport after striking a gossip television show’s cameraman, as Primera Hora reports. A journalist from Channel 4 program Lo Sé Todo had previously followed Residente through the airport, asking him repeatedly to comment on rumors that he and his wife are experiencing marital trouble.

“How does it feel to be getting a divorce?” “How is your love life, René?” were a few of the queries posed to the rapper as he attempted to get his baggage to the American Airlines check-in counter. In the footage provided by Lo Sé Todo, Residente appears to take the questions in stride. “Chico, por favor,” he says. “That is false.” “Then why are people speculating?” pushes the reporter. “Puerto Rico has many artists that love this kind of thing,” Residente answers.

The released footage pauses and when it returns, the no-longer-calm Residente is in his check-in line. The camera seems to show him leaving the line and undoing a barrier to strike the still-rolling camera held by William Alberto Rodríguez a couple of times, while the reporter that had been interrogating him looks on in shock. Officials say the incident took place at 3:50 p.m.

El Vocero reports that Residente is no longer in custody and scheduled for a March 17 hearing for charges related to the alleged assault and property damage.

Residente is married to Argentine model Soledad Fandiño. They wed in 2013 and a year later, welcomed their son Milo into the world.

Minutes after the alleged altercation with the Lo Sé Todo cameraperson, Residente posted an Instagram video that showed him smiling and taking a photo with airport staff. The caption reads, “With the beautiful, honest people that really work to move this country forward. Yellow journalism only delays, deceives, and will always be counterproductive. En route to see my son.” The rapper’s fans jumped in on the comment section to add their support. “I don’t support crazy people’s programs,” read one such note.

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