Residente Tattooed His Name on a Fan Who Collects Autographs On His Back

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Residente.
Courtesy of Residente.
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Residente has always been one to dedicate time to his fans, whether it’s by posing for selfies or posting fan art on Instagram. But the Calle 13 alum just took that commitment to another level.

When Venezuelan tattoo artist and Residente superfan Fünky Matas asked René Pérez Joglar to inscribe his autograph on his back, the Calle 13 alum was understandably nervous. “He wanted my autograph tattooed on his back. What he didn’t know is that I have shaky hands,” the Puerto Rican rapper wrote in the caption of a video posted Instagram on Sunday. In between stops on his U.S. tour, Residente accepted Matas’ challenge to sign his back with a wireless tattoo machine – though, of course, he’s never done it before.

In the clip, Residente trembles with the tattoo machine in hand, as Matas directs him to write in between the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo and bassist Flea’s signature. Joglar jokes that he wants to write over RHCP’s autographs. “Cabrón, tú estás bien loco, cabrón,” he says through chuckles as he finishes the familiar Residente logo.

With over 150,000 followers on Instagram, Matas is actually a social media personality. According to his bio on Facebook, Matas holds the World Record for Most Signatures Tattooed on One’s Back. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Florida at the age of 6, eventually learning the trade after he and a friend built a makeshift tattoo machine with a can opener, motor, pen, and a sowing needle when he was only a teenager. In the video, Matas tells Residente that he’s collected the autographs of dozens of other celebrities, including Tony Hawk, Kevin Hart, Steve Aoki and more.

Watch the full clip below.