Review: End of Summer Mixtape Vol. 1 (by Oops Baby Records)

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With ferver, and in our right state of mind, especially in this post natural disaster period (New York City earthquakes and hurricanes…yikes!), we want to introduce to you a cool punk/rockabilly mix to watch out for. We’re going at it again because it so happens that recently, we released our very own and first punk compilation, El Mix Vol. 6: Dead or Alive, curated by Punk Outlaw Records which featured a cluster of underground punk, surf, and rockabilly artists from all over the Americas, so we’re pretty serious about keeping the punk rock alive on our site! And this featured mix’ll definitely give you a boisterous mind shuffle.

This mixtape is literally a mixtape. It comes in analog format for all you cassette-loving, musical expeditionaries. To the young folks born after the ’80s who read this, it may sound archaic to your digitally-accustomed ears. The appropriately-titled End of Summer Mixtape Vol. 1 by Brooklyn-based rock ‘n’ roll indie label Oops Baby Records brings some raucous cool noises from some of our rock favorite Puerto Rican likes such as Davila 666Los Vigilantes, and Las Ardillas among other newly band favoritos!

The mix starts off with a head pounding tempo track “Ella Dice” by Davila 666 that sets the base for the rest of the following 16 tracks. The next tune “Be Low” by Brooklyn’s Dino’s Boys sounds like a punk soundtrack to a flick of the 70s, with swaying distorted vocals much like the hazy tune “Some Lies” from FLIGHT. Two Tears scream a short minute-&-a-half “I Heart Leather” with post new wave aesthetic to those high-pitched, reverberated vocals. Brooklyn’s Xray Eyeballs offers a cool two chord-alternating, rockabilly song “Die Little Love” with a charming “lalalala” for a chorus. Barreracudas‘ rock ‘n’ roll ditty “Don’t Roll Your Eyes” sounds like a product in transition from post ’90s punk. “Canción de Luz” by Los Ardillas is a fuzzed-out, power chord-centric tune with a pretty rad solo.  Shark?‘s “Pipeline” inspires sounds from Joy Division, vocally sounding a bit like Ian Curtis’ bass-baratone. “Emily” by Los Ardillas features a spy fiction-eque guitar riff like from a James Bond flick, and Thunderfuck‘s “Sick Girl” is the type of rockabilly tune you’d expect to hear at a 1950s dive bar, or off a TV show from that time for us X generation kids. The comp closes with a contagiously cool track German Measles‘ “On Time,” which sonically escalades to sounds of early Sex Pistols and The Clash.

All 17 tracks don’t surpass the 3:30min time frame, giving you a pungent, high potent dose of fucking rock ‘n’ roll! So yes, Remezcla highly recommends! To order this mixtape, simply click HERE.

*Side A*

Davila 666 – Ella Dice
Dino’s Boys – Be Low
Dikes of Holland – Streetwalker
Two Tears – I Heart Leather
FLIGHT – Some Lies
X-Ray Eyeballs – Die Little Love
Peacekillers – Curtains
Pretty Quick – Slippin’ and Slidin’

*Side B*

Natural Child – Victoria
Personal & the Pizzas – Diet, Crime & Delinquency
Barreracudas – Don’t Roll Your Eyes
Las Ardillas – Cancion de Luz
Shark? – Pipeline
Los Vigilantes – Emily
Thunderfucks – Sick Girl
Stalkers – Lady Sonia
German Measles – On Time


Free in-store pick-up at Mystery Train in Brooklyn is available.

Mystery Train
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