Rey Pila remixes Interpol in "Barricade"

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Rey Pila has been busy lately. Some time between remixing a track by Spanish rock group El Columpio Asesino and making an appearance on a Gun Selectah track, he found time for yet another remix. This time, it’s New York post punk rockers Interpol who receive the Pila treatment.

Pila’s takes the band’s song “Barricade” down a few dark turns. The bass line is gone and swapped out, along with the guitar riffs, with dark, Ladytron-style synths. It has a bit of the dark swagger of Pila’s song “Pictures of the Sun” minus the children and sunshine portions of that track. Go ahead and call it evil disco. We just want to know if Pilar was thinking of Halloween when he put this one together.

To download visit Interpol’s official blog linked below.