Reyna Ventura Rings in One Year with Golden Choice: Casa Fantasma Compilation

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Reyna Ventura, a Mexican blog dedicated to emerging musical and visual artists, are celebrating one year on the internet by giving us a bunch of compilations for our personal enjoyment. Casa Fantasma is the second of the series, based on their “Casa Fantasma” section dedicated to new artists. It really commits to its promise as most of the acts featured here are not familiar faces. However, almost all of them deliver.

Remezcla readers might recognize some names like Trillones, Niño Árbol and T Y U. From there you can guess that most of the selections are on the electronic side of the spectrum. From then on, you are in for a bunch of surprises, from Music For Your Plants’ gothic side to CVLTVRE’s vaporwavey madness to Bored Lord’s glitchy and bassy explorations, to CYBEREALITYライフ’s new agey rap to Astrosuka’s inspired electro noise pop to Raw Thrills fuzzy riffs and melodic voices.

Check it out here. Happy birthday, Reyna Ventura; hopefully one day you can open an amusement park like the one you based your name and image on.