LISTEN: RichMusic’s All-Women EP ‘hembrismo’ Inaugurates Women’s History Month

Lead Photo: Courtesy of RichMusic.
Courtesy of RichMusic.
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The independent record label RichMusic has released their first all-women EP hembrismo, spearheaded and executive produced by the label’s first female signee paopao. hembrismo also features La Gabi, ARIA VEGA, Cami Da Baby, and Villano Antillano — aka the next generation of female artists ready to take over the Latine music scene. What a great way to start Women’s History Month, right?

hembrismo brings to life one of the first all-female collaborative projects, where we see the alt-pop magic that Puerto Rican Latin Grammy winning singer-songwriter paopao is capable of creating with the help of MA’ G NATION’s La Gabi (who is known to be J Balvin’s latest protegé), Warner Music Mexico’s ARIA VEGA, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Cami Da Baby, and  La Buena Fortuna Music’s Puerto Rican non-binary pioneer within el movimiento, Villano Antillano. 

“This EP is one small step in the right direction and helps set a precedent for the industry to continue pushing for more equality and inclusivity,” RichMusic’s co-founder Josh Mendez commented about the idea behind hembrismo in a statement. According to the EP’s press release, it’s the label’s first effort of many towards balancing the male-dominated music industry. 

The seven-track EP starts with “pasto y espuma,” which instantly grabs the listener’s attention by slowly heading to its reggaeton climax. The EP slows down with “diario,” delivering an emotional alternative R&B track. On “roce,” they jump back to the reggaeton flow, highlighting their sassiness and attitude. The EP then continues with “paralelo,” which again slows down the musical rollercoaster talking about going through a heartbreak. Afterward, we get hyped with the club-banger “sábado,” and then the EP reaches its end with alternative reggaeton track “control” and the sensual lead single “hebilla” — which hooked us to the project.

What is outstanding about the EP is not only that it is all about female empowerment from start to finish – showcasing our partying moods to our heartbreak dilemmas — but it also hits us with many instantly relatable one-liners. Thoroughly listening to the EP, we are gifted with resonating lyrics — especially those of  Villano Antillano’s — that have us pressing repeat. What can we say? We love catchy pop tracks that also make a lyrical statement!

Listen to hembrismo below.