Ricky Martin won’t stand for the “mistreatment” of his homeland of Puerto Rico. The 48-year-old Latin pop star recently took to Instagram to call out the government leaders who failed the island following its series of devastating earthquakes in early 2020. Like many Boricuas, Martin’s outrage is especially aimed at a recent discovery: On Jan. 18 in the southeastern city of Ponce, locals found a warehouse of withheld emergency supplies that have been there since Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017. Now, Martin is issuing a call to action.

“What happened in a warehouse in Ponce, Puerto Rico is an act of callousness, mistreatment and sinister irresponsibility,” he wrote on Instagram. “In our people’s greatest moments of need, those who assume they are the leaders have failed again. The most basic human rights have once again been absent: water, roof, education, security.”

Martin is referencing the large FEMA pallets of water, generators, Ready Meals, baby diapers and wipes discovered at the warehouse this weekend in Ponce. Some food and formula items appear to have expired in 2019, signifying just how long they’ve been sitting there undistributed.

“They did it with evil. There is no other explanation,” the star added. With thousands of Puerto Ricans displaced and struggling following the over 300 earthquakes on the island since Dec. 28, 2019, there is certainly enough frustration to go around. Yet Martin’s comments didn’t just dwell there. “But amidst so much outrage and to everyone’s consolation, I see people again, our people, awake, attentive and above all, standing up. Fighting, defending, caring, protecting and gifting love throughout the treasure that is our Puerto Rico,” he said.

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Lo ocurrido en un almacén en Ponce, Puerto Rico es un acto de insensibilidad, de maltrato e irresponsabilidad sinigual. En los momentos de mayor necesidad de nuestra gente, los que suponen sean los líderes han vuelto a fallar. Han vuelto a faltar a los derechos más básicos de los seres humanos: agua, techo, educación, seguridad… Lo hicieron con maldad. No hay otra explicación. Pero, entre tanta indignación y para consuelo de todos, vuelvo a ver a la gente, a los nuestros, despiertos, atentos y sobre todo, de pie. Luchando, defendiendo, cuidando, protegiendo y regalando amor a lo largo y ancho de ese tesoro que es nuestro Puerto Rico. En este vídeo podrán ver a un pueblo unido y yo desde aquí, celebrando una alianza tan sólida y bonita con nuestros amigos de @SERPuertoRico. Unimos fuerzas para llevar bienestar a quienes más lo necesitan luego de los terremotos en el sur de mi tierra. Estoy con ustedes. Sintiendo el dolor y firme en defender lo que corresponde, lo que es digno para todos. Voy en ruta a Puerto Rico. Muy pronto les vuelvo a acompañar en este reclamo de respeto, justicia y paz. Ahí los veo, mi isla. P.d. Y a todxs lxs voluntarios que sin esperar nada a cambio lo entregan todo por el bienestar de sus compatriotas, MUCHAS GRACIAS.

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The musician went on to pledge his own plan for support alongside a local San Juan non-profit organization. “In this video, you can see a united people and I from here, am celebrating such a strong and beautiful alliance with our friends from @SERPuertoRico. We join forces to bring well-being to those who need it most in the aftermath of the earthquakes in the south of my land,” he wrote.

“I’m with you. Feeling the pain and firm in defending what is right, that which is worthy for everyone. I am on my way to Puerto Rico,” Martin confirmed. “Very soon I will accompany you again in this call for respect, justice and peace. I’ll see you there, my island.”

And just before closing off his post, Ricky Martin gave a postscript shoutout to the people providing real emergency support in Puerto Rico: “And to all the volunteers who, without waiting for anything in return, give everything for the well-being of their compatriots, THANK YOU VERY MUCH,” he wrote.

We have no doubt he’ll be there too in no time, lending his own hand toward the necessary relief efforts.