Free Downloads: Rita Indiana, Sonido Martines

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Click on for free Latin music downloads this week from Rita Indiana y Los Misterios and Sonido Martines as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.


More than well-equipped for his North American debut,
Sonido Martines is actually well known in South America for his mixes of traditional cumbia, chicha, vallenato, and even dancehall, hip-hop and other urban sounds.  Like many great DJs/mixers, Sonido Martines is constantly in search of old music that never really made it big, mixing it with something new and giving the old an instant makeover.  The Bolivia-based DJ does just that in his remixed “Elsa” by Los Destellos.  His knowledge and experience with cumbia from various countries and areas such as Argentina, Colombia and Peru, makes him unique.

If you like what you hear, make sure you don’t miss his shows coming up soon!  If you’re in New York, he’ll be spinning danceable beats at the American Museum of Natural History, which will be part of the museum’s latest monthly musical event, One Step Beyond in November.   For a cheaper and less extravagant setting, go for his show in Queens.  Or hey, if you feel up for it, why not go to both, it’s not everyday you get a Latin DJ like this coming in from South America.

Upcoming Shows:

Nov 13: New York- American Museum of Natural History

Nov 14: New York- D’Antigua



Rita Indiana y Los Misterios is an unexpected gift from the Dominican Republic, mixing traditional with funky, electronic, hip-hopish sounds.  Some have described her music as “alternative merengue” and “futuristic merengue.”  Either way, Rita Indiana  has had our ears since we first saw her as part of the group Miti Miti along Raina Mast when she was living in New York and then Puerto Rico. Now, with her own group she calls Los Misterios, the concept is refreshing and irresistible.

As far as “La Hora de Volve,” it’s okay to be weirded out at first– it’s not everyday you listen to merengue being twisted up and turned upside down.  Let it sink in and then you’ll understand the greatness that is Rita y Los Misterios.  We encourage you to also check out their video to this song.  Once again, it will blow your mind!  Once you hear it, you instantly want to get up and get all Platano-Star-Trek.  In other words, some serious merengueando will be taking place.


In “La Jardinera,” we hear the mellow side of Rita Indiana y Sus Misterios.  Although low-key sounding, the message is about farmers and people’s rights.  These two songs will be evidence of this group’s diverse and open-mindedness to Latin music, creating something that is truly unique.