La Montra Rita Indiana Has Guest Vocals on 2 New Tracks

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ETA 2/26/15 10:22am: Our intel on these pseudonymous Rita Indiana guest vocals came from La Casetera’s Carlitos Soriano aka Carnegato – an experimental artist, friend and former collaborator of Rita Indiana’s. However, this morning Rita Indiana has taken to Twitter to deny that she had any involvement in Gallo Lester’s new album, stating “Me gusta El Gallo Lester pero no he colaborado con el ni con nadie mas ni pienso hacerlo.”  We’re investigating who the woman behind these mysterious Indiana-esque vocals are, stay tuned for updates. 

Rita Indiana is back! Sort of…

LIFE IS GOOD and full of mambo metal. Rita Indiana has come out of musical retirement to contribute some guest vocals on Gallo Lester’s new album La Creta Maestra. The album is an insane and often hilarious mix of tropical beats, razor sharp political satire, and enough Dominicanisms to make you stop what you’re doing and go get some frituras.

Carlitos Soriano aka Carnegato, from La Casetera, hones in on the poignancy of Lester’s lyrics and political audio samples by saying “the rooster sings to awaken consciousness.” And it’s true – Gallo Lester touches on every aspect of the Dominican experience ranging from the love and magic of Carnaval season, to the Haitian citizenship controversy.

Never afraid of provocative socio-political material, Rita appears on two different tracks serving up her trademark speed-sing-rapping style. On “Prendeme,” reminiscent of a mash-up of “El Blu Del Ping Pong” and a Rammstein ballad, Lester casually mentions that the track features a “Montra,” Rita’s long-time nickname, as if this might be her big break.

The real gem, however, is “La Comparsa,” an exuberant portrait of the joys and excesses of Carnaval. Children in loincloths, political talking heads and Yuriseibi, a Rita created ‘chapiadora’ persona, are all characters swept up in the colorful madness. At the beginning of the track, Gallo Lester asks if la Montra arrived yet, but some might argue that she’s late to the party.