Rita Indiana Says She Wouldn’t Return to the Stage “Ni por un millón de dólares.”

Rita Indiana was the next big thing out of the Dominican Republic when she broke our collective heart by deciding to quit music in 2011. Though she’s been unequivocal about her frustration with the byproducts of fame, we kept holding out hope that some day she’d surprise us all by blessing us with some new avant-garde tropical tracks. But in a recent interview given to Zona RL in Switzerland, Rita quashed our dreams by making it clear that she wouldn’t return to the stage ni por “un millón de dólares,” because she can’t deal with the fame, the jodienda, “y el afoque como dicen en Santo Domingo.”

In the interview below, Rita Indiana describes her album Juidero as just another phase in her life that she threw aside easily as soon as the project got old, so she could return to her first love, writing. The multimedia artist has already enjoyed success in literature, with five published novels under her belt.

Hear her talk about her latest novel “Papi,” below (video is low quality but I’ll take Rita any way she comes):