Video: Ritualz – "Melancholia"

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Ritualz is one of my favorite D.F. staples. I caught on to his singularly tranced-out electro leanings at a mini-underground festival last year and ever since, I’ve been hooked. Since those initial ghetto-tech tracks to that brooding and melodious witch house releases bit me in the ass, I haven’t stopped chasing down Ritualz. I even caught the mysterious homeboy in question at SXSW this year in Austin, TX. With Tuesday’s launch of his Outworld Music EP (below) all composed in April of this year, we’re pleased to feature the entire EP and a unique video directed by one of my high society acquaintances, Manuel Solano. The video features a very Ridley Scott’s Legend influenced dreamscape of glittery fountains — very much in the lineage of Solano’s usual glitzed and fairy-fantasy influenced art. It’s no wonder these two magical men teamed up. “Meloncholia” is in fact quite somber, but the airy delights of the instrumentals balance out with the ethereal visuals quite nicely.

[insert-video youtube=XCYcTt2IuB0]