Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha have been having some not-so-discreet flirt sessions on Twitter, and recently, things escalated so much, that even Khloé Kardashian had questions about what was happening between the two of them. (“Who is this girl?” she asked Rob via social media on Monday.)

But even before Khloé started going into big sister mode, Rob had pulled Natti’s label head Raphy Pina – the president of Pina Records – into the Twitter romance. On Sunday, he playfully fired shots at Raphy and harnessed the power of Google translate to send him a message. He responded to a video Natti had uploaded that showed her alongside Raphy, writing, “Haha No te me le aser ques mucho!!” (Kind of a translation fail, but points for the effort, Rob.) Luckily, Raphy took it in stride; he retweeted the message this week with a laughing emoji.

Natti and Rob had exchanged a couple messages, including one where she wished him a happy Father’s Day and called him an “excellent” dad. Raphy’s tweet doesn’t reveal much else, but it could be a sign that he approves of this blossoming – and kind of baffling – new union.