Machete's Robert Rodriguez releases album with his band Chingon

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While we’re all excited to see Robert Rodriguez’s new Mexploitation flick Machete, we just got news of an album put together by the Texan director himself and a band of friends, who call themselves Chingon.

Mexican Spaghetti Western is Chingon’s first record, released only in digital format, and it includes four exclusive tracks of Machete’s soundtrack plus surprises galore (Salma Hayek singing, anyone?).

Since 2007’s double feature Grindhouse, we’ve been waiting to see that first fake trailer turned into a real movie…and the ultimate Chicano badass, Danny Trejo, turned into main character for once! Machete promises lots of fun with an all-star cast, over-the-top violence, and some nudity (calm down boys, Michelle Rodríguez and Jessica Alba keep their clothes on, it’s newcomer cutie Mayra Leal who teaches us where to hide a cell phone when wearing an Eve costume). No doubt, this can definitely turn into a cult classic for generations to come, the way El Santo movies are for many of us.