Listen: Argentina's Robot Zonda

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I’ve been digging on these guys for a bit, they have…something. Robot Zonda’s sound is very Argentina but with a twist. They harken back to the early to mid 2000 Arctic Monkeys and Walkmen era. You know, that young, scuzzy, riffy kind of sound. And these kids definitely look pubescent. Just take a peek at both their videos below for tracks “Somático” and “Autobomba” from their self-titled debut. It has that rambunctious, “I’m dirty” quality to it that is just so charming. They even sum up their music as “Post Punk Espástico Bailable Con Tendencias a Bungee Jumping Primaveral Rockero Espacial (P.P.E.B.C.T.B.J.P.R.E.).” Right. Gotcha.

Watch below to see Robot Zonda in hyper action.