Rock al Parque 2011 Lineup (Bogotá, Colombia)

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I gotta admit, my obsession with Latin rock music sometimes gets the best of me. That is, if I feel there aren’t enough Latinos representing the stages, like in mega festivals in the USA per say (as yesterday’s post may have reflected). Yet I do understand that this is a “music industry” situation and not an artist issue. It obviously makes total sense for someone to get all pissy, especially when in about a decade from now, Latinos will overcome one-fourth of the entire USA population, aguaaas. These are some serious numbers, folks. So love us, hug us, and get used to us spreading our Latin love and music to your ears, and of course, your corazones.

And to my main point: here’s another festivity to get excited about, and this one’s in Bogotá, Colombia’s Rock al Parque (July 1st-4th)! Feast your eyes on the wicked lineup from international rock bands, punk bands, reggae bands, Bogotá tribute metal bands, Bogotá bands, Colombian bands. Bands, bands, and abundance of Latin bands! Yeayy! Including Bay Area’s kickass punk kings Dead Kennedys, Jamaica’s reggae legends Black Uhuru, Portugal’s progressive kudoro masters Buraka Som Sistema, South Africa’s experimental rockers BLK JKS, and lots more.



International – Destruction (Germany), Overkill (USA), DRI (USA), Dead Kennedys (USA), Dischord (Venezuela), Toreros Muertos (Spain), Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal), Fischerspooner (USA), Cultura profetica (Puerto Rico), Black Uhuru (Jamaica), Delorean (Spain), Astro (Chile), Nacao Zumbi (Brazil), BLK JKS (South Africa), Descartes a Kant (Mexico), Fobia (Mexico)

Featured Bands – Bomba Esteréo, La Derecha, La Pestilencia, Doctor Krapula, Voodoosouljah, Skampida, Triple XXX, Dar A Cada Uno Lo Que Es Suyo, Ataque En Contra

Bogota’s Metal Tribute – Darkness, Killcrops, Ursus, Undertreath, Sobibor, Neurosis, Purulent, Ethereal, Sangre pixha, Leishmaniasis, Ingrand

The Nationals – De Bruces A Mi, Parlantes, Nepentes, Determinacion, Athanator, Twitligth glimmer, Velo de oza, Grito

The Locals – Anger Rise, Brand New blood, Bhang, Stained Glory, Pulenta, Antipoda, Alfonso Espriella, Red o Clock, Pr1mal, Endark, Zagreb, Under Red Blood Skies, Hybrid Minds, Jose Fernando Cortes, Maniatikatz, Info, Purple zipers, Alto Grado Colombiano, Telebit, Entropia, Alligator, Vulgarxito, Tantan Morgan, Stayway, Deeptrip en la casa, Larvante, High Rate Extinction, Sigma, Holocaust of Blood, Nosferatu, Road Wailer, Mil Marias, The Passenger, Lavanda Inglesa, Cuantica