Rock en Las Américas presents "Viaje Peruano" (free track!)

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The folks of Starbucks and Mamacha Productions have launched a label called Escucha Peruano, which is pretty self-explanatory. Peru is popping, and Remezcla couldn’t be any more enthused to listen to some far-out musical stylings along the very folky and acoustic vein, from one of those less noted LatAm countries. We’re always hearing about Chile and Colombia, but what about our Peruvian fam and fans, huh? Courtesy of the famed blog Rock en las Américas, the up-n-coming label offers a handy dandy compilation comprised of all the best emerging artists from the Lima scene. José Luis Mercado is in charge of things over at Rock en Las Américas, and we’re thankful for his diligence in bringing us these 10 tracks of selected work from the best of the best. So, if you’re one of those who seeks what’s new and unknown, you’ll definitely want in on this collection. I bet you won’t find any of these musicians anywhere else. I dare you to tell us if you’ve ever heard of any of these bands already. Los Protones, Chico Unicornio, Moldes, Los Zapping, Odin A. Kasparian, I Am Genko, Veronik y Los Gatos Eléctricos, Plug Plug, El Aire, and don’t forget Filtro. Boy oh boy, this is a complete crash course in Peruvian talent. Are you as stoked as we are?

In courtesy of Rock en Las Américas, we offer a promotional free download by Odin A. Kasparian in “Divina Comedia” below: