Rockers Noise Festival: Brazil's First Shoegaze Rock Fest

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Rockers Noise Festival 2012 is the first shoegaze/psych-rock festival of its kind in Brazil. The founders of the Music Promotion Group brought on the influential and well connected São Paulo promoter Renato Malizia as director and curator of the Rockers Noise Festival, which will commence on October 30th at Space Victory and on November 1st at Lega Italica.

The festival creates a smorgasbord of seasoned European and local bands from São Paulo. The concept of the Rockers Noise Festival was to merge classic shoegaze bands from the 1990s with a few neugaze and neo-psych bands to create a well-balanced and exhilarating line up.

Renato says, “The main reason for the importance of Rockers Noise Festival is that we want to present and showcase music that escapes conventional and prefabricated music we hear all the time. We look for bands who are important and crucial for the history of music, creating something memorable and historic for the public.”


The Telescopes (London, UK)
Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody (London, UK)
Gallon Drunk (London, UK)
Motorama (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Brazilian bands
The Concept (São Paulo, BR)
Set the Settings (São Paulo, BR)
Twin Pines (São Paulo, BR)