Rosa Perreo’s ‘Cabrona Virus’ Comp Brings a Much-Needed Energy Boost

Lead Photo: Art by Stephanie Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephanie Torres for Remezcla
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The soundtrack for the dancefloor of your improvised bedroom nightclub has arrived. Rosa Perreo’s CABRONA VIRUS, a “club pack” of edits and remixes from 20 producers hailing from across the globe, is out today.

We all miss the packed late-night perreos guided by our fave DJs at our most beloved clubs. For many NYC folks, the scenario they miss most is the one Rosa Perreo organizes at various venues; its adamant queer and trans inclusivity, the futuristic marketing and visuals and, of course, the party’s rotating roster of stellar DJs mixing reggaeton, hip-hop, trap, pop, neo-perreo, house, dembow, and more.

People in Puerto Rico were just beginning to get hooked on the vibe after two successful parties held on the island, one featuring Tomasa del Real, within the past two years. And then COVID-19 hit, and organizers were forced to cancel an already announced Rosa Perreo event in San Juan. Neo-perreo queen Ms. Nina was set to headline, and people were justifiably hyped; it would have been her live debut on the island.

It could have been the group’s “biggest party,” according to Rosa Perreo, the virtual, fictional host for whom the party is named. Still, much effort has been put forth to keep the event alive throughout the pandemic.

Perreo tells Remezcla: “Rosa Perreo has been more active than ever during the COVID-19…The team has been working nonstop. Since the first day of the quarantine RP has been throwing parties via Zoom, doing fundraisers for various nonprofit organizations, releasing merchandise, music and now the CABRONA VIRUS compilation.”

Noting that the ongoing pandemic has put a major strain on nightlife industry folks, RP says all profits from the comp will be distributed equally among the participating artists.

Trust Rosa Perreo will return for in-person parties once we get through this. Until then, though, we’ve got the virtual perreos, and now, this absolutely solid comp to dance along to as we continue to cope with and, we hope, eventually thrive despite of our current conditions.