A New Latinx Party Collective is Bringing Reggaeton Jefa Rosa Pistola to NYC This Weekend

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If you hear the old school perreo of Big Metra’s “Desnudate” straining the sound system of your favorite NYC clubs this weekend, heads up: Mexico City’s reggaeton jefa has come north.

Rosa Pistola (aka Laura Puentes) is not the first to step behind a controller at one of the underage tardeadas in Estado de México, which make up the spiritual if not geographic core of Mexico City’s reggaeton scene. Bogotá-born transplant Puentes spent her early years in Mexico’s goth-punk circuit as a frontperson for Mangina, whose releases came out through Puentes’ Petit Postulate label. She also runs a self-titled boutique, which is one of your best bets for brash, locally made CDMX internet fashion.

She started bringing her curatorial ear to the local scene two years ago, and since then she opened for Spanish trap crew PXXR GVNG on their recent South American tour. Most recently, Rosa has been making waves with DJs Krizis and Sueño Dream Lion as Perreo Pesado, a crew dedicated to old school classics (Sueño’s “Tu Eres Un Loco” is a good intro to the party’s vibe).

She’s coming to New York this weekend courtesy of the second edition of Mega City, a party collective linking Latinx club producers and DJs with other talent from around the globe. El Dud (aka Oraculo), video artist saamaaanthaaaa, executive producer Ramón Jaramillo, and Chilean creative director Hector Llanquin (aka Yan Kin) have joined forces to present an ongoing showcase of 666-friendly Latinx party starters. You can join the crew at Trans-Pecos on Friday with DJ Bebe and Oscar Nñ, then at Babycastles on Saturday, featuring Field Agent and MISTERVACATION.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets for both Mega City events featuring Rosa Pistola. Check out the flyers and enter to win tickets below: