Beloved Tíos Rubén Blades & Carlos Vives Bring Sweet Comfort With “No Estás Solo”

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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On Sunday evening, Rubén Blades and dozens of other singers from across Latin America (including Los Rabanes, Sech, Olga Tañón, Carlos Vives and others) had a virtual concert called Panamá Solidario to raise funds for the lovely isthmus. Panama is reportedly currently the most impacted country in Central America. At the end of the night, Blades and Vives debuted a track they’ve had up their sleeve for quite some time now.

The comforting track is dedicated to those who are ill and/or alone. Though it may sound as if it was created for such a time as this, Blades informed viewers that the theme of the track was actually something he wanted to make before coronavirus, and he approached Vives about it after the Colombian – star mentioned wanting to make a song in the Panamanian legend’s honor. Blades thought that was great and all, but immediately thought of how to use their union for the greater good. Releasing “No Estás Solo” now was a no brainer.

“You’re not alone, your friends are [right] here,” they sing in the chorus. It’s almost impossible to watch this and not smile. For a second there, you feel as if they really are and the comfort, as well as a seemingly distant memory of companionship, envelops you.

This is exactly what the family group chat needs right now.