Free Download: Salon Acapulco – "Atardecer"

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Like a chill beach sunrise, Salon Acapulco‘s second single “Atardecer” pulls you out of bed on a warm afternoon like a lover, making noise in the kitchen. The ruckus of pots and pans clanking wakes you up as you strain to remember what you did last night and who you might have done it with. The lucky person in question comes into your room with a cup of coffee and a smile the size of your heart. You’re taken aback by this partner’s comfort and ease, their coyness and brazen manipulation of your kitchen utensils. They hand you a mug of coffee, as if they had done this before, countless mornings prior, with you, in your home, like old news. The music in this stranger’s eyes spills over into your usual, contrary indifference to early rising as sobriety clashes against your new found consciousness. This stranger gives you a knowing look, reading your uncertainty. Their body swaying with the first sip, “Hey you wanna go to the beach with me this morning after breakfast?” How could you resist?