Free Download: Sazon Booya – Oye Mami EP

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Moombaton has had many champions in the recent years of its fortuitous birth, mixing club sounds, indigenous beats, and house-tech heavy EDM. But, non have been quite as successful as producer and DJ duo Sazon Booya. The NYC natives Mr. Vega and DJ SAV have made their mark on the blogosphere and tour circuit with ample coverage and remix work for some of the very best in the business, including making a guest appearance in our Pepsi comercial shoot. Piggybacking off their buddy Dave Nada’s prowess and grabbing the attention of Mad Decent and the likes, they’ve sky rocketed to the top of many charts in very little time. If you’re a fan of Nadastrom, Porter Robinson, Benny Benassi or Skrillex well these two New Yorkers have traveled the world with them all. This full Oye Mami EP download features four back to back tracks of Sazon Booya’s little orange foil packets of the very seasoned best. My favorites come in at the finale two tracks. Their hard raver beats will get you bouncing off the walls.