Rage Against the Machine at Sound Strike SB 1070 Benefit Concert

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SB 1070 has been on the collective tongue of society as of late, half fueled by acid, the other fueled by approval. Many artists have chosen to oppose the law at loud, by forming The Sound Strike: Artists Call to Boycott Arizona, a coalition geared toward protesting the pins and needles Arizona law, which many believe will open the doors to racial profiling and inequality.

The law is set to go into effect on July 29th, so Alto Arizona–another group sparked by the controversial bill–has organized a week’s worth of protesting activities. The loudest and most face melting will no doubt be The Sound Strike’s SB 1070 Benefit Concert at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, July 23rd, featuring Rage Against the Machine and Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, whose two frontmen have spearheaded The Sound Strike movement.

All of the concert’s proceeds will benefit The Sound Strike Fund, which is already expecting to generate over $300,000, all to assist community groups, legal aid funds, and student groups.

Hundreds of artists have already joined Rage Against the Machine and Coner Oberst’s Sound Strike coalition, particularly those to whom it hits closest to home: Latin music artists. Among them are Calle 13, Juanes, Los Tigres del Norte, Cafe Tacuba, Ozomatli, Pitbull, Dapuntobeat, Fonseca, Locos Por Juana, etc. etc. etc.

The show is restricted to LA and Orange County residents. Tickets still aren’t on sale, but keep checking back to be a part of this great cause, punctuated by great music.