Video Premier: Señor Flavio – "Dulce Babalu"

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Here you go surfer dudes and dudettes, the latest video from Señor Flavio, better known as the frontman, bassist and founder of the Grammy award winning sensation, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. In this video premier of “Dulce Babalu,” it makes for a retro-riffed late ’80s dive, where we’re transported through a simple landscape of collaged clips of sun-loving faces. The warmth and good-nature-tone of the song plays well with the beach bunny melody and infectious chorus. Like roasting burgers and hot dogs on a grill, this sizzling video goes well with a good brew and even better friends. The adventure through this babalu-bouncer comes courtesy of Señor Flavio’s esteemed release, “Nueva Ola.” So catch that wave and wipe the sand from your buns, you’re gonna be dancing all through out this number right here.

[insert-video youtube=D-w_iNTRwoI]