Video: Sergent García ft. Zalama Crew – "Calentura Mi Son"

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A little over a year ago we introduced you to the original version of this song which included a memorable guest appearance by Bomba Estéreo‘s Li Saumet. Last week, a new version of the track along with a video were simultaneously released, and for our surprise, it didn’t feature our adored ñu-cumbia goddess. You wonder, can a song like that one survive after losing its main attraction?

The answer is yes. Indeed, this new version of “Mi Son My Friend,” retitled “Calentura Mi Son,” replaced Liliana’s rap verses with the rhymes of a whole posse of male rappers from Cali, Colombia known as Zalama Crew and none of the fire of the previous version is lost, in fact you could say it was ignited to a whole new level.

As a side note, the video, shot mostly in the streets of “La Capital De La Salsa,” will make vinyl record collectors (myself included) salivate in a Pavlovian reaction to the images of Sergent García and his new friends digging in the dusty crates of local, used record stores and finding some real gems of Afro-Colombian old-school music.

In the end, the party atmosphere is so contagious that it will make you wanna join them at their street party, and by then, you completely forgot all about missing Bomba Estéreo’s singer.

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