Throwback of the Day: Shakira at Age 11!

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I love videos that won’t die. This WTF moment of the day is brought to you by what appears to be a Colombian Star Search, in which a pint-sized, 11-year-old Shakira (not that shorter than what she is now) put on her best telenovela face, aerosoled her hair into grandeur, and sang and sang and sang.

She looks straight out of an ’80s midwestern beauty pageant, or like she’s auditioning for the role of Lucrecia on Univisión’s Lágrimas de Pereza or some shit like that. One thing is true: apparently Shakira has ALWAYS been a bizarre dancer. Either way, watch this over and over again. Memorize her pre-song diva intro, maybe join in on a hair flip or two. My favorite moment: from 3:14 when the “la la la la la la la las” kick in, all the way through Shakira’s side-to-side pas de bourees into the camera. Classic pageantry fodder.

Watch Shakira at age 11 and choose your favorite moment: