Is Shakira Going to Headline the 2020 Super Bowl?

Lead Photo: Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images
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Gloria Estefan was the last Latina to headline the Super Bowl (in 1992 and 1999) when she showed everyone how it’s done, performing classics like “On Your Feet,” “Oye,” and “Turn the Beat Around.” Since then, the only other Latina performer has been Christina Aguilera who briefly took the stage at the Georgia Dome in 2011 to belt through “Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand” alongside the Latino-passing yet very Español galan Enrique Iglesias.

But, it seems we’re due for another appearance, and there honestly couldn’t be a worse or better time for this to happen. On the one hand, the world is more and more cognizant of the #LatinoGang’s reign musically, and it only makes sense for that to be acknowledged on a global stage — particularly by a classic pop superstar like Colombian hip-domineer like Shakira. But, on the other hand, the NFL is a mess to say the least, and the significance of a halftime show appearance on one’s resume is faltering.

Still, that doesn’t stop folks like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira from jumping on the slightest of chances. The former addressed it in July, telling ET, “it’s a big deal, but we’ll see,” nonchalantly as ever. The latter has yet to comment on it publicly, but that hasn’t stopped fans from flooding Twitter with setlist predictions and praise attached to the hashtag #ShakiraForSuperbowlMiami. The idea, though seemingly random, wouldn’t be completely baffling. Shakira is signed to Roc Nation, and has been since 2012. Roc Nation, need I remind you, is helmed by Jay Z, who recently sold his soul, and that of the entertainment he governs, to the NFL. The new glossy partnership, meant to be an attempt at expanding the league’s social justice efforts, also means Roc Nation can, and most certainly will, “advise on the selection of artists for major NFL performances like the Super Bowl.”

First up? Possibly Shak.

Teenage me would scream at the thought of this, and a part of adult me is as well, but this is still very much a rumor and I wouldn’t advise getting your hopes up either which way.